HMT Speciality Magnet Drills

At HMT, everything we do is focused on metalwork hole-making, hole enlargement, and producing innovation to speed up metalwork

Sometimes this brings us the weird and wonderful challenges, which we thrive on finding solutions for.

HMT Special Projects has a range of specialist equipment and solutions, from the smallest in the world to the largest equipment available. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific challenge

VersaDrive® V85T Tube Magnet Drill
The VersaDrive® V85T tube drilling machine is part of the first series of UK built magnet drills ...
VersaDrive V60T PIPE Magnet Drill (850060-T)
The VersaDrive V60T Pipe Magnet Drill offers all the advantages of the standard V60T with the a...
V36-18 Cordless MAGNET DRILL (805036)
Increase your jobsite solutions with this unique cordless magdrill, the most compact & ligh...

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