Cutting Tool Safety Advice

  • Holemaker Technology cutting tools are not recommended for use with the Rotabroach Element range of magnet drills due to the absence of an obvious emergency stop feature on these units
  • Magnetic drills, pillar drills, and similar drill press equipment should have clear and unambiguous emergency stop features in accordance with current CE Markings and Directives 
  • Do not touch rotating tools, spindles, arbors or adaptors
  • Do not place loose fitting gloves (especially Rigger Gloves), items of clothing, or jewellery near rotating tools or machine spindles. 
  • Safety chains or similar restraints should be used to prevent a magnet drill falling in the event of a power cut to the electromagnetic base. Use extra caution with generator power supply for this reason
  • Wear approved Eye / Face guard, ear protection and hand protection at all times. 
  • Inspect cutting tools before use: Do not use the tool if cracks or damage is observed on any part of the tool.
  • Use cutting tools within the torque and RPM recommendations
  • Inspect the tool regularly for any signs of damage. Immediately replace the tool if any damage is found.
  • Before use, ensure the tool is inserted securely into designated arbor, adapter or socket.
  • Be sure to disconnect power when handling cutting tools.
  • Use Impact type cutting tools only with Impact rated sockets, extensions, adapters & accessories.
  • Risk assessment and method statements should be produced and followed by the user at all times 
  • Metal swarf and chips produced should be assessed for potential cut hazards 
  • Excessive lubrication use should be assessed for potential slipping hazards, especially on smooth or painted surfaces 
  • Position appropriate guarding to protect users and passers by from chips, debris and entanglement hazards
  • Slugs produced by annular cutters can become a hazard if they are allowed to fall from height. 
  • Material, slugs, and swarf in recent contact with cutting tools can become very hot

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