There are many items in the range, and we favour the following quick demonstration process to show off a wide range of advantages in a short time. 


We call it the 4X (Four-Ex) demo. 

1. Drill with 10.5mm TurboTip

2. Tap with M12 ImpactaTap (insert M12 bolt) 

 3. Ream hole larger with 14mm Reamer

 4. Tap to M16 ImpactaTap (insert M16 bolt)


It's fast, very effective, and uses tools that can take a pounding. 

Normally used with a cordless 1/2" Impact Wrench and 6 or 8mm steel plate.

(Shown here with 3/4" Impact Wrench)

We recommend a kit of power tools using the same battery system. for example a variable speed Impact Wrench, and cordless drill driver

(Thicker materials make for a very impressive demonstration, but just bear in mind that it also takes longer and makes a lot more swarf to clear up!  6-8mm steel plate is what we find to be best for an efficient and impressive demo) 


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