HMT Rivet Removal Products


Our innovative tooling has been developed to speed up the process of Rivet removal when rehabilitating Bridges & historic steel structures, and help reduce the need to use hazardous Rivet Busters and Pneumatic Hammers.

Using a handheld core drill is faster than using a mag drill with annular cutter when drilling through a rivet.

Often more pressure can be applied using a hand held drill which speeds up the drilling process. Repositioning between rivets is also much faster with a handheld drill, eliminating the setup time required for every hole when using a mag drill.

VersaDrive TCT HoleCutters

The complete range of rivet removal products can be seen below and offer a range of solutions for tackling the removal of structural rivets in a variety of situations in which they may be encountered.

Central to the range though, is the VersaDrive TCT HoleCutter.

Tungsten Carbide Teeth

Heavy Duty Tungsten carbide teeth for the highest performance cutting & 10x greater life than standard holesaws. Specially Designed for drilling structural steel.

Rapid-Lock Hex Shank

VersaDrive® Hex shank fits all standard drill chuck and provides maximum drive torque, Rapid-lock adapters and extension arbors, offering the greatest flexibility & applications from a single tool.

Replace Heavy Mag Drills

Many steel erectors and fabricators tell us that they are able to replace heavy and awkward magnetic drills with a standard cordless drill fitted with a VersaDrive® hole cutter.

Spring Loaded Pilot Drill

Centers and stabilises cutter during drilling & ejects metal slug upon completion.


These Carbide Tipped, heavy duty cutters are available in cutting depths of

- 55mm & 100mm

- and cutting diameters 12 - 80mm

and are designed for cutting Heavy Structural Steel and Cast Iron using hand held drills.


Specially designed Tip Geometry offers Annular Cutter drilling performance with the versatility and portability of a hand held drill that removes the need for Pneumatic hammers and results in a wide array of safety ergonomic and performance benefits compared to Rivet Busters or Magnet Drills, such as: 

  • Reducing the HAVs experienced by operatives
  • Increasing the duration operators can work safely
  • Require no generators, compressors or air-lines on site
  • They offer greater flexibility of use and access than traditional methods
  • Extended depth of cut compared to other products on the market
  • Heavy Duty cutting performance
  • Can be used to drill holes in locations that are inaccessible to Magnetic Based Drills and avoid the dangers of needing to clamp a Mag Base Drill overhead or horizontally.
  • There is no need for secondary retention, tack welding or clamping of additional steel mounting plates
  • Hand held drills can be quickly, easily and safely placed to oneside after or between drilling operations for rest or progress inspection
  • By contrast, heavy magnetic drills must either be left mounted in unsafe positions with the risk of magnet detachment due to power loss or removed from the area causing delay and inconvenience
  • Hot Rivets are known for their tendency to move after installation. Therefore the body of the Rivet may not be completely true to the head, making them difficult, sometimes impossible, to remove with rivet busters. In this situation it is still possible to core drill through the Centre of a Rivet using VersaDrive TCT HoleCutters in either 55mm or 100mm Depth of Cut.

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