Rivet Buster Review

Rivet Busters can be a very effective solution for the removal of rivets when in the hands of skilled operatives. However, as effective as they can be, there are advantages and disadvantages to weigh up when choosing the correct equipment for a job.


  • Rivet busters can be fast and effective
  • Widely available
  • Useful in applications where conventional drilling methods, prior to the introduction of HMT tooling, were too slow, inconvenient or restricted by access considerations.



  • Risk of injury through fatigue or accident
  • HAVS Impact
  • Flying rivets present an additional hazard
  • Very noisy
    • Potential hearing hazard
    • Safety hazard for other workers
    • Noise pollution in residential areas
  • Compressed air is required but not always practical e.g.
    • On Remote sites
    • Working at height
    • Working over roads or waterways
  • Chisel heads tend to damage surrounding steelwork
  • Repeated impact on corroded & weakened structures
  • Laborious heavy manual labour

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