HMT Version Third Party Warranty Repair Centre Procedure

  1. Customer completes Smartsheet Repair form
  1. HMT Technical evaluate Smartsheet form and contact customer for further details if required. 
  1. Once authorised Repair item is returned to Third Party Warratny repair center
    • HMT Technical will email an output of the Smartsheet Repair form to customer with return address (Repair center). HMT Technical to also notify Repair Center of repair. Ideally repair centre and customer will not be in direct communication. 
  1. Customer has the option to return to repair center (preferred) or HMT arrange for transport of Repair to Repair center
    • (Customer is notified via Smartsheet form that Shipping will be chargeable if the repair is not warranty. 
  2. Third party repair Center evaluates drill and provides HMT Technical with the repair report and recommended actions and parts required
  3.  If non-warranty repair is concluded HMT will raise quotation to customer and advise customer of repair report along with any associated costs.
  4.  Repair is agreed and parts required are shipped to repair centre
  5.  Warranty Repair centre completes repair and returns to customer.
  6.  Repair centre charges HMT for labour cost at agreed rates
  7. HMT Purchasing raise PO and issue to Repair Centre. PO Number should reference Smartsheet repair reference.
  8. HMT complete/close customer repair and bill customer if non warranty.

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