"Without SpeedTaps we would have been on site for weeks not days"

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SpeedTaps Case Study - Impact Wrench Driven Taps – Holemaker Technology/Beaver Bridges – Wicksteed Park, Kettering, June 2014


Henry Beaver, Operations Director of Beaver Bridges said “Quick and easy to use and worked as promised - SpeedTaps undoubtedly made this project – without SpeedTaps we would have been on site for weeks not days". 



The Project:  To design, manufacture, deliver and install a modular 27m x 3.75 bridge to carry a miniature locative and carriages to replace a bridge build at the turn of the century


Application: Install approx 500 M10 & M12 Countersunk screws through top flange of transverse bridge beam. The application required the holes to be drilled and tapped in situ on the bridge, through the existing countersunk plate located on the top of the transverse beam. Holemaker Technology demonstrated on site that Speedtaps would only take 5-10 seconds to tap each hole, so this solution was specified by Beaver Bridges.


Solution Due to the resin-bonded surface aggregate applied to the bridge deck, a magnetic drill could not be used to pilot drill the holes unless it was mounted on a steel plate. Cobalt 6.8 and 10.2mm drill bits were supplied for the pilot holes. Having successfully demonstrated the time saving benefits of the SpeedTap system to Beaver Bridges, they were able to complete the task quickly and easily on site, each hole taking a matter of seconds, with just a standard impact wrench. (WATCH A SPEEDTAP DEMONSTRATION VIDEO & GET PRICING-HERE)


Established in 1953, Beaver Bridges are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of bridges. Beaver Bridges operate Europe-wide and boast an enviable track record, even on the most challenging projects - making them a leader in their field. More information at www.beaverbridges.co.uk

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