ImpactaTap Safety and Usage Instructions

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HMT ImpactaTaps are made of a specially hardened and heat treated material that is designed to work with the Impact mechanism of an Impact wrench. The ImpactaTap process gives huge time savings and value improvements over hand tapping or traditional methods. Part of our mission is to help you OPTIMISE your HMT products to get the best results and realise the benefits. 

With any cutting tool, improper use may result in shortened tool life or even damage or breakage to the ImpactaTap. The following conditions may adversely affect tool life or in some cases damage or break the tool.

 TOP TIP: If an ImpactaTap is overrun though the material that is being tapped, and the cutting flutes come out of the other side of the new tapped hole, it is advisable to remove the tap from the machine and back the tap out by hand to avoid any danger of reverse cross-thread

When using Impact wrench driven tools, Wear approved Eye / Face shield, ear defenders and hand protection at all times.

• Ensure the grub screws are tightened fully before commencing tapping and are re-checked every 6-10 holes. (Movement in tap holder may result in damage to the tap)
• Ensure the tap is held square to the hole, before, during and after the hole tapping process.
• Avoid applying excessive pressure to the tap or impact wrench.
• Ensure exact size pilot hole is used (refer to guide)
• Follow torque requirement recommendations (refer to guide).
• Inspect the tool regularly for any signs of damage. Immediately replace the tool if any damage is found.
• Do not use the tool if cracks, wear or damage of any other kind is noticed on the cutting tool or the socket.
• Be sure to disconnect power source when changing tool or socket.
• Use tool only with HMT approved impact grade sockets and adapters
• ImpactaTaps are not designed to tap “blind” holes (holes without an exit from the workpiece)

• Misalignment of the tap to the hole causing an uneven and excessive loading to the tap possibly resulting in damage or even breakage.
• Lack of correct lubrication (HMT Tapping paste, Speedlube or Aeropaste are recommended)
• Bottoming out the tap in a blind hole may result in breakage. (ImpactaTaps are in-tended for use in through holes only)
• Careless handling of the tap.
• Excessive feed or pressure on the tap.
• Incorrectly drilled tapping size hole (oversize or undersize holes may equally result in breakage) refer to the correct size tap hole matrix included below.

Appropriate feed (pressure) should be applied to the tool to ensure that the tap ‘bites’ into the material and allows the impact mechanism of the wrench to engage without spinning loosely in the hole. However, excessive feed (pressure) on the impact wrench may result in the tool slowing down, snagging and risking blunting and / or breakage to the cutting flutes

ImpactaTaps are designed for tapping structural steel (grades S275, S355) and these instructions are intended for those applications. Other materials that have been successfully impact tapped include copper and stainless steel. However, heat hardened materials caused by weld proximity, laser or plasma cutting for instance may not be possible tap using this method. ImpactaTaps should not be used to tap Hardox® wear plate.

Cutting Tool Size Material Recommended Torque Guide Recommended Drive Tool Assumption
Speedtap M6 5mm Structural Steel 130Nm LTX 400 BL Speed 4 5.0mm Tapping hole
Speedtap M8 6mm Structural Steel 200Nm LTX 400 BL Speed 7 6.8mm Tapping hole
Speedtap M10 8mm Structural Steel 240Nm LTX 400 BL Speed 8 8.5mm Tapping hole
Speedtap M12 10mm Structural Steel 280Nm LTX 400 BL Speed 9 10.2mm Tapping hole
ImpactaTap M8 8mm Structural Steel 240Nm LTX 400 BL Speed 8 6.8mm Tapping hole
ImpactaTap M10 10mm Structural Steel 280Nm LTX 400 BL Speed 9 8.5mm Tapping hole
ImpactaTap M12 12mm Structural Steel 320Nm LTX 400 BL Speed 10 10.2mm Tapping hole
ImpactaTap M16 16mm Structural Steel 360Nm LTX 400 BL Speed 11  14mm Tapping hole
ImpactaTap M20 20mm Structural Steel 400 Nm LTX 400 BL Speed 12 17.5mm Tapping hole
ImpactaTap M24 24mm Structural Steel 520 Nm 808015 Wrench Speed 1 21mm Tapping hole
ImpactaTap M30 30mm Structural Steel 1010 Nm 808015 Wrench Speed 2 26.5mm Tapping hole

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