The hidden costs of cheap cutting tools

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What is the actual value that hole-cutting tools provide? The tendency is to think that a low price means better value however, the price paid upfront is just one small factor, and this article delves into the hidden costs of buying, and using, cheap hole-cutting tools.

There are many reasons why some manufacturers can sell hole-cutting tools at low prices, and it's not out of goodness of heart! Corners have to be cut to manufacture tools cheaply, and this can be manifest in many forms.

5 Common Causes of Cheap Cutting Tool Failure

To start with, we need to look at the common reasons why cheap cutting tools fail.

7 Consequences of Using Cheap Cutting Tools

Now, let’s look at the consequences of using cheap hole-cutting tooling.

The minuscule benefit of a low price now becomes irrelevant. Buying cheap cutting tools will cost the end user more in the long run.

So, how to avoid these issues?

Investing a little more in purchasing quality hole-cutting tools really pays dividends.

Holemaker Technology was founded with the end user operators in mind, a perspective formed from witnessing a need for cutting tools that add value and provide previously unseen efficiencies.

Below are 5 reasons why using Holemaker Technology & VersaDrive® Cutting Tools help avoid the issues laid out above and drive value back to the customer.

5 Reasons VersaDrive® Cutting Tools avoid the issues above

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