How to carry out an HMT 3X IMPACT DEMO event

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With so many advantages in the HMT VersaDrive range, how do you quickly and effectively demonstrate this? 

Here's how. These quick videos show how we have crafted the following demo routine which is simple, efficient and easy, but is guaranteed to impress the toughest viewer. Demo 3 best-selling VersaDrive cutting tools in under a minute for a show-stopping demo routine. Plus we're showing the quick change adapter and VSD650 unit in action at the same time

In the 3X Impact Demo, we use the 505020 12mm Step Drill to create the new hole in seconds ( this is the fastest way to drill this hole out of any cutting tool method we have tried - no need to pilot drill) 

Then switch to the 501030 14mm Reamer to enlarge the 12mm hole to 14mm - this demonstrates the speed and effectiveness of the reamer,

Then, now you have a 14mm hole, that is now the correct tapping size for the last part of the Demo, the 308010 M16 ImpactaTap. Tap in one single, fast pass, just make sure you stop the tap as soon as the thread is cut (So it cannot over-run off the threads)  Then reverse out 

All that's left to do is to pick up a M16 bolt with your free hand, and show the audience how this smoothly and tightly threads into the new M16 threaded hole you have just created. 

What do you need for a successful VersaDrive 3X Impact Demo Session

Bench Vice, or a mobile vice like the Triton Superjaws works well if you dont have a proper workbench available

Steel Plate - we normally use a 400 x 200 x 6mm Mild Steel S275 plate.

505020-0120 Versadrive Step Drill 12mm

501030-0140 VersaDrive Reamer 14mm

308010-0160 Versadrive ImpactaTap M16 x 2.0

Aerosol Lubricant - HMT Speedlube 701010-0002

(You can go for much thicker plate but then you have a lot more swarf to clear up after your demo session) 6-8mm thickness is about perfect for a impressive demo but without too much mess

A Impact Wrench or Impact Driver of at least 200Nm. We use the HMT VSD650 1/2" Impact Wrench. However on 6-8mm steel plate this demo works well with a wide range of impact drivers or impact wrenches. Contact us if you have any queries

The Versadrive Impact Adapter for your impact wrench or impact driver. (Note the HMT VSD650 package includes a free 111110-012A Quick Change Adapter) 

Swarf Brush and Bin for tidying up metal chips and swarf 

PPE as per your risk assessment - EG specs, gloves, screens if required

An M16 x 2.0mm (standard metric course pitch) bolt or socket set screw


Q. Why doesn't the video show any lubricant being used?  A. The tools are already sprayed with Speedlube. They can be used without lubricant, but will not perform quite so well

Q. How many demos should I do at my event?  A. As many as possible! Because it is a high impact, attention grabbing demo, you will often stop the traffic. The tools are much more impressive when they are in action, so it works well do do a demo even if no-one is watching. They soon will be! 

Q. How many holes in a plate.?  A. Expect to get about 100 off M16 holes per plate. 

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