Jan 2023 Newsletter - V14 Catalogue, New products, branding refresh and lower carriage paid order value

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HMT Hub now with reduced carriage paid value

HMT’s online dealer portal has become very popular during 2022, and we are increasing the functionality even further for 2023. From 16.01.23, the order value for free shipping via the HMT hub is reduced from £250 to £100. Other advantages include live pricing & stock checking, shipment tracking, access to your invoices, promotional pricing, back orders and more.

Branding Refresh

You may have noticed the subtle change to the HMT logo. The refreshed design looks crisper and cleaner than the original and is designed as an upgrade to stand out more effectively. It will also provide more sustainable printing methods as it is now single colour. The new logo will gradually roll out across all HMT branding during 2023.

V14 2023 HMT Catalogue

One of the defining features about working with HMT is the commitment to constant improvements to our catalogue program. January 2023 sees the 14th edition of the catalogue launched, which at 108 pages is the most comprehensive to date. As usual, the new catalogue sees a range of new products launched, along with improvements to the best practice advice and how the products are presented. The improved style of product data sheet (at the back of the catalogue) is now clearer to read, especially for jobsite workers who are accessing the information on a mobile device.

New Products

VersaDrive MAX

A significant move forward in the VersaDrive program, the new MAX range is a new heavy-duty version of the tried and trusted shank design. Where the standard VersaDrive shank is an 11mm hex, the new VersaDrive MAX shank is 20mm (AF), meaning it can now be used to drive larger and heavier-duty designs of cutting tools. The VersaDrive MAX range is being launched with a range of Impact rated reamers from 18-41mm diameter, with 2 impact wrench and 2 magnetic drill adapters. Further MAX products will be added into the range during 2023.


Building on the success of the STAKIT system, InsertFoams improve dealer displays and end-user jobsite productivity. Several standard designs of foam sleeve take a wide range of HMT products and a special design holds and protects the tools. All sets of VersaDrive tooling are being rolled out packaged with InsertFoam as standard. The program is a major boost to the HMT sustainability program because it is 100% UK sourced which cuts down on shipping costs and emissions, and also each set is around 25% more compact than before, taking up less space on display stands , in warehouse storage, and in transit.

Magnet Drill Range Upgrade

Several new machines have been launched to significantly increase the solutions available within the HMT range.

  • New pipe and tube V35 and V60T machines are UK built with a special base for tube and pipe. Twin swivelling permanent magnets pivot to fit on curved surfaces and pipes
  • MAX150T and MAX200T machines offer huge capacity for large broaching, tapping and reaming applications, with MT4/MT5 tool holding and reversible motors
  • The RTQ40 right-angle machine now comes in the STAKIT case as standard, which means it can quickly be added to a kit of HMT & Versadrive tooling for total jobsite productivity
  • The HMT Cordless Coolant pump kit is a superb accessory to give reliable coolant supply for tough drilling tasks. The magnetic foot and adjustable

ULTRA Range Upgrades

The Ultra range is developed for the toughest applications in wear plate material such as Hardox®. In addition to the popular countersink and multisink products, the range is now expanded to include Twist Drills from 6-14mm, and straight-flute TCT Cutters for superior performance.

Record stock levels and UK manufacturing

Following the global supply chain problems increased by Covid and the Ukraine war, HMT have increased our stock levels to c. £2M. this gives around 96% catalogue stock availability ready for same day dispatch. Additionally, orders have been placed to double our CNC manufacturing capacity at HMT Sheffield, which will further increase our UK manufacturing capacity, improving our sustainability and resilience.

2022 in review and on to 2023!

2022 was a year of continued growth for HMT, with increased market share and most importantly, several fantastic new employees joining Team HMT. International export sales increased significantly and high interest was received as we exhibited at the Cologne Hardware show and the Fabtec Chicago exhibition.

In the 9 years since we started HMT, we have almost become used to experiencing regular market shocks with an unprecedented level of political changes and unforeseen global events leading to economic variability. Despite this, HMT continues to grow at a double digit rate every year thanks to a relentless commitment to product innovation and customer care (Find out more about the HMT mission, vision, and values here) Here’s to a great 2023!

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