Innovative NEW Point of Sale Merchandising

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POS system

HMT product packaging performs a vital role in protecting tooling both in transit and on the shelves, ensuring it reaches our customers in optimum condition.

However, customer feedback highlighted that product identification instore can be challenging, as it can be difficult to see which tool is inside the tubes on display.

To address this issue we have developed a brand new system for displaying our products.

Product identification cards, hanging in front of tooling, will feature an image of the tool behind, sizing information, product codes and technical guidance, designed to help locate the right product at the right size whilst showing how to ensure the best performance and longest life.

HMT POS Hanging cardHMT POS Hanging Card reverse

Product line introduction cards will also hang above each product type, detailing information about the operation of the tool, the drive tools it can be used with and the recommended powertool to use for best performance. QR code links will give access to product demonstration videos and technical guidance, providing instant instore access to tooling demos and advice.


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