A New Generation of Cutting Tools: CarbideMax Ultra

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HMT CarbideMax Ultra™ is an exclusive, new range of cutting tools featuring the same premium tungsten carbide qualities but with an additional coating for ‘ultra’ performance.
HMT Ultra for Hardox

CarbideMax Ultra Cutters

Designed for the most challenging cutting, broaching and counter-sinking jobs, our CarbideMax Ultra cutters are specifically designed to cut through the toughest metals/alloys, including: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel (Inox), Aluminium and Hardox® Steel!

The range features three of our most popular tool categories:

CarbideMax ULTRA™ 55mm TCT COATED Magnet Broach Cutters

CarbideMax Ultra™ Coated 55mm TCT Magnet Broach Cutters

Our broach cutters are tipped with individually brazed cutting teeth of the highest quality carbide. They are designed with an elaborate cutting geometry which results in faster, quieter, easier drilling and chatter free performance.

MultiSink™ ULTRA Tungsten Carbide Tipped Multisink Countersink Tool

Multisink™ Ultra Coated TCT Countersink Tool

A universal, new countersink tool designed and developed by HMT for use with mag drills. Combine the tool with our VersaDrive product range to broach, drill and tap whilst countersinking.

CarbideMax ULTRA coated Tungsten Carbide Tipped Holesaw

CarbideMax Ultra™ Coated TCT Holesaw

Designed for use with the MultiSink tool. Offering higher quality, longer life and even lower costs per hole.

Get the Best Results

Patience is an essential, number one piece of advice that we would recommend. As cliché as it sounds, patience can really impact the performance of your tool, it’s long-term life expectancy as well as the end result.

Allowing the cutter to cool down during your cutting process avoids an overheated, damaged cutting tool and thus offers a clean, smooth finish.

Finally, match your cutting tools with the right combination of equipment.

Considering a high torque, slow speed, geared magnet drill? Discover our Mag Drill Range for more information.

Don’t forget to add plenty of BioCut Blue lubricant.

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