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HolemakerTechnology DrillSink

Here at HolemakerTechnology, it's our aim to speed up metalworking, taking often long, laborious processes and looking for innovative solutions for making them quicker and easier.

Our first step is to identify what stage of the process is slowing down the operation. With the innovation of our VersaDrive range, we improved the speed of changing tooling requirements. Next, we looked at reducing the need to change tooling by combining operation so they could be undertaking in just one pass.

This notion led us to the MultiSink, a Combination Countersink tool that allowed the user to combine the tool with the VersaDrive product range to perform that action and countersink in one operation.

We knew we were onto something special with the MultiSink. However, we felt there was still room for improvement. Often, countersinking is required with drilling, and it's commonly utilised at smaller diameters. The DrillSink takes influence from the MultiSink and combines our VersaDrive Drill range and the MultiSink into a range of single tools up to 14mm.

Combining these process increases the efficiency of the process, by speeding up the operation. Removing the need for timely tool changes or making two passes, as is the traditional way of countersinking.

DrillSink Adapters

The benefits continue, as the DrillSink provides perfect accuracy every time, with the tools fixed countersink on the same axis as the drill. This also means reduced chattering as the drill stabilises the countersink. Additionally, it provides safer use, with minimal kickback.

These features also lead to improved tool life, stemming from the precision of the tools and minimal room for misuse. Combined with the High-Grade Tool Steel and a GoldMax low friction Titanium Coating alongside precision grounded flutes, means that the DrillSink will outlive its adversaries providing perfect operation every time.

Through product testing the DrillSink received rave reviews, and we're are excited to bring it to you as a new innovation in the HMT tool range. Call today or order online at

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