HMT enters the Made In Britain Impact Awards with its shift to sustainable packaging

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The Made In Britain Impact Awards recognise and celebrate achievements in British Manufacturing and HMT are delighted to have entered this year’s awards with our new sustainable packaging solution – STAKIT InsertFoam.

At its core, the InsertFoam system is a series of customisable, modular foam inserts specially designed to transport, protect, and organise our premium metalworking tools.

However, the InsertFoam system is much more than a cutting-edge product packaging solution, it represents a company-wide enhancement in our commitment to sustainability and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Where previous packaging was sourced from China as bulky, single use, unsustainable materials, InsertFoam is now

  • Responsibly sourced from a local, UK supplier
  • made from 30% recycled materials
  • Compact, Modular and Reusable
  • Designed for a long life
  • Customisable


This new focus has wide-ranging benefits:


New and improved materials

The move away from unsustainable, single-use plastic to reusable, recycled packaging will mean

- A reduction in waste

- conservation of valuable resources

- reduction of environmental impact

- reduction of carbon footprint throughout the supply chain

- participation in the circular economy


Local sourcing

Meanwhile, the use of local suppliers not only serves to support British business but also significantly reduces the fuel required to deliver packaging to its point of use. Before packaging would be sea-shipped from the Far East, taking many weeks and considerable resources to arrive, now it is manufactured less than an hour away, meaning shorter lead times, negligible transportation & almost zero environmental impact.

Compact Size

Further benefits are gained from InsertFoam’s dimensions. At about 1/3 the size of our previous packaging it requires less physical warehousing and storage space, takes up less space on a stockist’s shelf and is more compact for the end user. Translated through the packaging’s lifecycle this significantly reduces its carbon footprint even more, requiring fewer resources to create, store and transport it.

Reusability with our Modular STAKIT system

In addition to the wealth of environmental advantages offered by the new system, extensive development work has gone into ensuring that STAKIT InsertFoams dramatically enhance operations for their end user as well.

The innovative design features movable fins engineered to accommodate multiple varieties, sizes and styles of tooling, allowing metalworkers to customise their toolkits with the right tooling for the job. Meanwhile, the bespoke design will protect tooling, keeping it organised, damage-free and ready for use whenever and wherever it is needed.

In much the same way as each individual InsertFoam can be customised, the system itself is modular and numerous foams can be effortlessly integrated into the STAKIT system, allowing the user to assemble, disassemble, and reconfigure elements to fit different cases, different jobs and different requirements.

This adaptability sets a new standard for packaging functionality and efficiency whilst minimizing the need for repurchasing and increasing the effectiveness of your existing setup.


STAKIT InsertFoam by Holemaker Technology – Increased sustainability, reduced environmental impact and the ultimate flexibility of use.

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