Holemaker Technology launches new system of Dealer Support Assets

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Holemaker Technology launches a complete new system of Dealer Support Assets – including a range of Digital promotional assets and Point of Sale materials.

Designed to help elevate HMT focussed digital messaging and real-world product displays with clear, consistent, informative and on-brand communication and graphics this new range will be available to dealers and stockists looking to drive sales both online and in-store.

HMT POS display

The full selection of Dealer Support Assets can be found online here: HMT Dealer Support

Or a Dealer Support Catalogue can be downloaded here: Dealer Support Catalogue

The range will focus on a number of key areas including a stock of digital assets to help drive sales online, a library of Holemaker Technology video files for use on in-store display screens or Youtube links for sharing to social media. Within these digital assets will be a group of ‘dealer-editable’ templates to help online promotional efforts and highlight important information like customers testimonials, forthcoming trade shows or that they have joined the HMT team.

trade show template
new dealer template
testimonial template

Also featured in the range will be a collection of printed posters and banners for real-world display alongside in-store display stand merchandising that is intended to help highlight the unique selling points of HMT tools, whilst providing visual stand out and cut through in a busy retail environment.

HMT Spinner stand display
HMT 1m stand display

Coming in the form of product backer posters and stickers this new POS will help attract customer attention whilst informing new users of the benefits of the system and ultimately converting browsing to buying.

HMT Spinner stand product backers
HMT 1m stand product backers

Posters, banners and product backers will be available for the complete VersaDrive range of products as well as CarbideMax broach cutters. Individual products will be featured on stand alone promotional graphics whilst product specific range imagery will be available to educate users of the full breadth of each product line.

HMT product line poster
HMT product range poster

Dealers will be able to order their choice of POS assets online, on the phone or by email.

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