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Launched in early 2016, the VersaDrive™ range of cutting tools and adapters has successfully combined unique and innovative features to speed up metalworking activities across a range of portable power tools.


VersaDrive™ is a modular system of cutting tools. However, it is the only system designed and developed for site tools and workshop equipment.

As a registered and patent-pending invention of HMT, VersaDrive™ is simply inimitable.

So, let’s revisit and list out the perquisites of operating our tools to highlight why we lead the way in cutting tool innovation.

VersaDrive Benefits

  • Buy less tools! You can use VersaDrive™ tools in multiple applications and tools including magnet drills, pistol drills, and impact wrenches.
  • Fast and convenient change of between VersaDrive™ tools depending on application via adapters which warrant quick, smooth tool switches.
  • Specifically hardened and titanium-coated to give up to 6 times the working life of traditional cutting tools.
  • VersaDrive™ tools utilise the speed and torque of the impact wrench for minimal kickback, less operator fatigue and thus safer use.
  • VersaDrive™ tools are specially hardened for impact wrench use. This allows the torque of the impact mechanism to execute tasks at a much faster rate.
  • VersaDrive™ products are manufactured to close tolerances, from carefully selected, premium quality grades of tool steel.
  • High strength, non-slip shank design.

In a Nutshell

By factoring in the time saving and working life of VersaDrive™ tools, true value is calculated by studying the cost per operation of the cutting tool, instead of just cost per item. Further value is consequent to the adaptability, safety, life expectancy and cost effectiveness that HMT provide.

The range has been exclusively designed and developed for thousands of solutions and applications including countersinking, broaching, step drilling, tapping, reaming and much more.

So, not only does the VersaDrive™ range offer best value, but it is a comprehensive collection of tools which will equip and enable you, your employees and clients to execute, resolve and perform, every-metalworking-day.

Need a tool? Browse the VersaDrive™ cutting tool range today.

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