HMT VersaDrive Combi DrillTap

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HMT VersaDrive Combi DrillTaps

When looking to speed up metalworking you need to be a little creative.

Here at HMT we have found that by creating innovative tools that combine multiple processes into one operation is a sure fire way to increase speed and efficiency.

By combining processes into one operation you alleviate the need to change tool bits between processes. Now, it has to be said that with the VersaDrive range of quick-change adapters this is pretty quick and easy, but when using a stand chuck it can be quite time consuming; where has that chuck key got to?

Time is also saved as rather than making two passes at a hole, you’ll only need the one for both operations. This also leads to increased accuracy, since the combined processes are being conducted on the same axis, providing pin-point accuracy for your hole.

HMT VersaDrive Combi DrillTap

With this in mind let take a look at our HMT VersaDrive Combi DrillTap. The Combi DrillTap combines the process of drilling and tapping into one fast, efficient operation. This innovative range of bits provides fantastic performance and safe tapping with minimal kick back.

(This 301125 Combi Drill tap is rated for materials up to a maximum thickness of 10mm. For thicker materials than this, we recommend using the 301130 Heavy Duty Drill Tap) 

The range features a high strength, non-slip shank design alongside a GoldMax low-friction titanium coating to stop heat burn out. The bits are manufactured from high-grade tool steel and feature grounded flutes for increase accuracy and long life.

For a limited time only our 5-piece HTM VersaDrive Combi DrillTap set is on offer, bundled with a free ¼” Impact Driver adapter, unbeatable performance at great value.

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Why accuracy is important when tapping

In Layman’s terms, tapping creates a thread on the inside of a hole, in order for it to function like a nut and accept a bolt fixing. Tapping accuracy is a key factor to ensure that the fixing tightens and is secured flush to the prepared hole.

The HMT VersaDrive DrillTap feature unbeatable accuracy, since the hole is drilled and threaded at the same time. Therefore, however the hole is drilled the thread will be on the same axis. As with all holes drilled, care should be taken in the preparation to ensure a perfect drilled hole.

If you require more information or have any questions regarding the products featured simply call our knowledgeable sales team on 03330110382.


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