Speed is of the essence with the HMT Versadrive TurboTip

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HMT VersaDrive TurboTip

Metalworkers are always looking for new way to speed up everyday process while not compromising on accuracy. Here at Holemaker Technology, speed is at the core of everything we do. Improving operation time is the key factor when producing new and innovative products for the metalworking industry.

Therefore, it’s we great pleasure we dig into one of our latest creations, the HMT VersaDrive TurboTip drill bits and see how this creation makes a huge impact in the world of drilling.

The TurboTip is a game changer in metalworking. If you’re looking to drastically increase the performance of your drilling then this is the set for you.

What makes this range of bits so quick is the unique stepped tip design which turbocharges drilling. The stepped design allows the bits to quickly and efficiently create a series of enlarge cuts into the metal, boring the hole at lightening pace in order for the full drill diameter to be realised and the drilling process to be completed.

HMT VersaDrive TurboTip

The stepped tip is created with precision grounded flutes. In addition to the speed of initial progress of the drilling, this stepped tip alleviates the need to drill a pilot ahead of operation. Its optimised design allows for an instant start with no slipping or snatching through-out operation.

As part of the VersaDrive range this TurboTip bits are interchangeable with the VersaDrive Adapters. The TurboTip’s feature a hex shank, so if you’re not fortunate enough to own a VersaDrive adapter they can be used in any standard chuck.

For a limited time only the 7-piece HMT VersaDrive TuboTip set spanning 6mm to 12mm and is offered with a free 1/4" Impact Driver adapter. Speed up your metalworking today.

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Best Practice Advice

  • Follow guidelines to set correct RPM speed. Incorrect RPM can lead to poor life or tool breakage.
  • Ensure regular application of quality cooling lubricant, especially when drilling thick or hardened materials.
  • Apply firm, steady pressure throughout the cut.
  • Hardened or heat-affected materials may require higher torque, reduced RPM and feed rates and extra coolant.
  • Avoid lateral movement or tilting which can cause damage to the tool.
  • VersaDrive Drill Bits up to 10mm diameter can be driven by an Impact wrench (in rotary mode only).

TurboTip Video

If you require more information or have any questions regarding the products featured simply call our knowledgeable sales team on 03330110382.

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