HMT Versadrive Impact Step Drill

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HMT VersaDrive StepDrill

The HMT VersaDrive Impact Step Drill has been optimised for use with Impact Wrenches and Drivers to help you enlarge holes in seconds. The range boasts fast, smooth drilling thanks to its spiral flute design. A 5mm drilling capacity makes this step drill a clear market leader.

For a limited time only our 4-piece HTM VersaDrive StepDrill set is on offer, bundled with a free ¼” Impact Driver adapter, unleashing the possibilities for the VersaDrive range.

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What is a Step Drill Bit?

A Step Drill bit is used to drill a range of different sized holes with a single bit. Perfect for enlarging holes in sheet metal up to 5mm thick.

What can I use this Step Drill Bit with?

The HMT VersaDrive StepDrill is optimised for use in impact tools but can also be used in any rotary drill. As part of the HMT VersaDrive range it is interchangeable with our high-speed adapters. The Step Drill features a hex shank, so if you’re not fortunate enough to own a VersaDrive adapter they can be used in any standard chuck.

How do I look after my Step Drill Bits?

Good care is essential to ensure maximum tool life, with the right care our VersaDrive range of bits will provide fantastic performance time after time.

Refer to the best practice advice for correct usage and when finished ensure the step drill bit is cleaned and stored in the hard case provided as part of the set or in a suitable tool box when it is not going to get damaged by other tools.

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Best Practice Advice

  • Follow guidelines to set correct RPM speed. Incorrect RPM can lead to poor life or tool breakage.
  • Ensure constant supply of quality cooling lubricant, especially when drilling thick or hardened materials. We recommend our BioCut Blue metal cutting fluid.
  • Apply firm, steady feed pressure throughout the cut.
  • Hardened or heat-affected materials may require higher torque, reduced RPM and feed rates and extra coolant
  • Avoid lateral movement or tilting which can cause damage to the tool
  • When drilling into box section ensure the tip of the Step-Drill is not contacting the far side of the box section at the same time it is drilling the outside wall, this may cause breakage.

If you require more information or have any questions regarding the products featured simply call our knowledgeable sales team on 03330110382.

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